Otherwise known as the Last Stronghold of the Hardcore Trainee, Metroflex Gym is not a health spa. We are a serious training facility that caters to all genres. We serve  competitive athletes like body builders, power lifters, college/professional athletes, runners, triathletes, and MMA fighters as well as those who are dedicated to training and transforming themselves. Year in and year out Metroflex Gym franchises consistently produce more winners than all other fitness centers combined.
Why go to a public fitness center where you can’t train how you like and where people seem hostile. Metroflex Fargo is family owned and keeps a “Metroflex” family environment where we lift each other up and encourage each other’s progress.

Open 24/7/365

Get all-day, every-day access to the gym with a key fob. No more down days due to holidays.

Personal Trainers

Metroflex though Power By Design Fitness provides a wide selection of personal trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals,

Member Options

We offer many membership options including annual, month-to-month, and swolemates.


Our gym serves all genres of fitness including bodybuilders, powerlifters, and professional athletes.

  • A Rich History

Metroflex Fargo is a franchise of the famous Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas. Metroflex Gym has been known as a gym that creates world class athletes. Eight time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman was raised there and still trains there. Many other IFBB professional body builders train out of this famous “hardcore gym.” If you want to learn more about the brand that stands behind the “Midwest Mecca,” you can watch a video here.

  • Powerlifters

    Metroflex has over 12 different squat racks, 13 different style bench presses and 6 olympic deadlift platforms. Metroflex sponsored athletes compete and win at regional and national powerlifting events.

  • Bodybuilders

    This gym was built with the bodybuilder in mind. Our facilities include an assortment of unique and specialized equipment for bodybuilding including a posing area, tanning and more. Metroflex sponsored bodybuilders compete and win at regional and national shows.

  • Sports Training

    We carry true form runners, the vertimax platform with all accessories, 70ft of turf, and so much more to cater to a wide genre of athletes including MMA, boxing, rugby, football, and more.