“ILL-EGO HQ GYM” – Known as the only multi-genre, training facility in existence. That means everything in one “HOUSE” .. Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strong-man, Olympic Lifting, MMA, Boxing, WOD Training, Athletic Training, Weight Loss, Group Fitness and more. You will not find a single facility, as fully equipped as our facility. Hence, why we are known as “THE HEADQUARTERS GYM”… for all genres of training and fitness with all of our fitness industry businesses under one roof.

This isn’t the gym where only the elite go to train. It’s where you go to train to become the elite.

  • A Rich History

What started as a Metroflex Gym franchise, quickly became a leading destination amongst all franchises throughout the world.  Metroflex Gym-Fargo will forever be who we were and “ILL-EGO HQ GYM” is what we have evolved into.

  • Powerlifters

    “HQ GYM” has over 10 different squat racks including a mono-lift, multiple benches and dead lift platforms and so much more for your powerlifting needs. Top level pros and up and coming powerlifters have trained and competed at national and pro level competitions from within these walls.

  • Bodybuilders

    This gym was built with the bodybuilder in mind. Our facilities include an assortment of unique and specialized equipment for bodybuilding including a posing area, tanning and more.

  • Sports Training

    We carry true form runners, the vertimax platform with all accessories, 70ft of turf, push-pull sleds, tire flipping, yokes and more to cater to a wide genre of athletes including MMA, boxing, rugby, football, and more.

  • Olympic Lifting

    We have a 4 platform Olympic lifting area, Olympic bumper plates and bars specifically designated to Oly lifters.

  • Boxing Academy

    We currently have a fully equipped boxing area for all boxing needs. We run Muay Thai Classes and group fitness HIIT on the bags within this area and it is open to the members to train and hit bags, outside of the class schedules.

  • WOD Fit Training

    WOD fit training are is fully equipped with a rig for squats and pull-ups, ski-row machine, rowers, assault bikes and more for all you WOD training needs.

  • Weight Loss/General Training

    When it comes to being equipped for weight loss and general training, we get the needs.  On top of having a plethora of group fitness and semi-private classes to participate in.  We also offer a little bit of everything for cardio, sauna, and resistance training. We have one of the largest selections of sectorized machines, plate loaded and free weights to get you that perfect fat burning training you need to prolong the weight loss you work so hard for and ensure a healthy and fit body.